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Can I Buy Botox to Do at Home?

What is Botox and why is it used?

Botox is a chemical that is injected into the skin to improve its appearance. This is mainly done in the face, where signs of aging are more common and noticeable. It helps by smoothing out the skin and reducing the number of wrinkles, giving you a younger look. The way it works is different to other dermal fillers, because it paralyses the muscles for a period of time until it wears off and treatment needs to be repeated.

Can you buy ‘Do It Yourself’ Botox kits?

You can purchase Botox kits to use at home, but this is not advisable. There are many websites that stock the product online. It is very important to take note that these companies may be operating illegally, because the chemicals within the kits may not be the same as in genuine Botox. You could be doing yourself more harm than good, especially if you are not qualified to administer the injections yourself. If something goes wrong while treating another person, you could be in serious trouble with the law and may be subject to being sued.

What are the side effects if the treatment goes wrong?

There is a much higher chance of side effects and serious problems if you administer a Botox injection yourself when you are not properly trained to do so. This can include paralysing a wrong section of your face, causing it to droop and destroy your appearance. As it is a temporary treatment, it should wear off but you may be stuck with that for several months. It is possible that you may be permanently damaged for life if it goes badly wrong. You are also more likely to experience pain, infection and swelling. You may also have an allergic reaction to the product and if this does happen there will not be sufficient medical staff or equipment on hand to help.

What advice should you take when looking to have Botox treatment?

Many people cannot afford to go to a surgeon to get Botox done and look online for a home kit. This is putting your health at risk just to save a few pounds and is not a good idea at all. There are now some qualified mobile practitioners that offer Botox treatments in various shopping malls across the world. This is generally cheaper than going to a surgery, and also a lot safer than doing it yourself at home. Always make sure the person who is administering the treatment is fully qualified and that there is medical help on hand in case of any problems.

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