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Botox Cream For Sweating - Does it Really Work? How Much Does it Cost?

What is Botox cream for?

Many people have heard of Botox injections which help to remove wrinkles and frown lines, and keep your skin looking youthful, but there is also a Botox cream new to the market. Some people have an excessive sweating problem caused by a number of possible factors such as anxiety, stress, food, obesity, exercise, the menopause, drugs, or other medical conditions.

The cream can help to reduce the amount produced, mainly under the armpits where the skin is quite thin. It can also be used on the hands but it doesn't work that well as they are much thicker, so it can be quite painful. There is some research into using it on the feet although this is not approved of at the moment. Injections also help to reduce the sweating but many people now prefer to use a cream or gel instead, maybe because of a fear of needles, side effects or just for convenience.

How does it work?

The Botox cream will only work in the area that it is applied and basically temporarily paralyses some of the muscles which then block the nerves that produce the sweat. It works in the same way as the injections do but without the nasty side effects or risk of infection. There are different types of the cream available so make sure you look for the one most suited for you and do some research into it before buying.

The injections do tend to work better as they are more powerful but you should also see some improvements by using the cream instead. You do not even need to seek medical advice beforehand although if you have any concerns you can always check with a doctor or pharmacist.

The price and how long it lasts for

The good news is that Botox cream is also cheaper than having the injections done. The costs do vary in the UK quite a lot, but generally a tub is over £30. The effects can last quite a long time, often a few months, although you may need to reapply from time to time if you find the sweating starts to come back.

Always make sure you read the labels carefully before buying and using and be confident you are making the right decision. If you have any doubts then speak it through with a trusted friend or family member and seek professional advice.

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